I FINALLY Passed the CPA Exam!

December 19th, 2008

(UPDATE: Since many of you have asked, my old and new scores are as follows:

OLD: FAR-65, BEC-71, REG-71. (AUD-79.)
NEW: FAR-82, BEC-87, REG-84.

Effectively, the Yaeger course helped boost my score by as much as 17 points.) (Note: To see the Yaeger course click here.)

I FINALLY managed to pass the cpa exam (all three failed sections) on my second tries with the following scores: BEC-87 REG-84 FAR-82. So it’s official – I’ve Passed the CPA Exam!

I attribute my success to Dr. Yaeger and his team. The Yaeger cpa review course is the main reason I passed in such a short time. So all the positive things I read in the Yaeger CPA review reviews I came across in my research were for real after all. I like the Yaeger course because:

  • It makes studying efficient, by focusing on areas that has higher likelihood of appearing on the actual exam, and spending less time on areas that probably won’t come up in the exam.
  • The lectures aren’t boring, and make hard concepts simple to understand.
  • You can call the hotline to speak to the instructors to ask questions.
  • In spite of being one of the best, it’s one of the cheapest CPA courses available.

You can check it out by clicking here.

Dr. Yaeger explains concepts pretty thoroughly. There were concepts I never could grasp before that I finally “got” after watching his lectures. I would have been happy to pass with a 75, and when I got an 87 in BEC I knew I was onto something good.

I also called their study hotline a few times when I was still confused about something after watching a DVD. I got Dr. Yaeger again a couple times and other instructors for the other calls, and they were always patient and never tried to get rid of me prematurely, before making sure they’ve cleared up my confusion. One time I was on the phone with Dr. Yaeger for a good 45 minutes over a taxation question. I would highly recommend the Yaeger CPA Review Course to anyone trying to pass the cpa. (Tip: Even if you’re already using another review course, Yaeger has cram courses that you can use last-minute to boost your score by up to 15 points I think. Just so you know.) There you go – one of the most objective and unbiased Yaeger CPA review reviews you can find on the net, from a real student who’s actually studied from it.

I also attribute my success to my study buddies. Pete and Joann, if you’re reading this cpa exam blog, I couldn’t have done this without you guys! Pete – good luck with your BEC test next month. And Joann – yes you did pass the exams first but let’s never forget, I did get higher scores than you on REG and FAR LOL. Luv ya guys always!

And also, a big thank-you goes to my parents who have been more than supportive and encouraging throughout this whole ordeal. Thanks mom for your home-cooked meals which has saved me time I would have spent on cooking to gave me an extra hour to study every night.

Last but not least, a big THANKS to you all who have visited or are still visiting this cpa exam preparation blog. Passing the CPA may seem like a daunting task, but remember, if so many other people have done it (including me), than you will do it too.

It still hasn’t completely sunk in yet that I’m finally a CPA. David Bryant, CPA…ooh that sounded so good I think I’ll say it again. David Bryant, CPA. OK…I think I’ve had a bit too much to drink. Just came back from a celebration party for passing all my exams. I think I’m ready to get some well-earned rest now.

Tomorrow will be a brand new day filled with endless opportunities…. (I’m corny when I’m drunk, what can I say? LOL!)

David Bryant, Certified Public Accountant (had to get that in one more time. You don’t mind do you?)

P.S. Check out this site if you’re trying to get your CPA – that would be my best tip for you.

Yaeger CPA Review – Any Good?

March 3rd, 2008
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Things are moving along nicely.  A couple things happened since my last blog entry.

First of all, I’ve been doing some research on cpa review courses.  The most popular ones I could find were Yaeger, Becker, Bisk, Roger, and Gleim.  I spent a couple days just doing straight reading online to see what people’s experiences have been with these cpa review courses.  I was using cpa Becker Review before and didn’t find it too helpful so Becker was out.  People’s opinions on both Gleim and Bisk were mixed – some liked them some didn’t.  For the next couple days I debated between Roger and Yaeger.  They both got good reviews and people that have used them seemed to have gotten good results in terms of exam scores, which is all that really matters to me.

In the end I decided on the Yaeger cpa review course because more people have used it (people talk about it more than they do other review courses) so to me it seems that they’d be more reliable.  A bonus is that it’s cheaper.  Not that I really care because at this point I’d gladly pay more to pass the cpa exam and put it behind me in as short a time as possible, but I didn’t mind not having to pay more than I had to.

I actually called the number on the Yaeger website and talked to Phil Yaeger himself!  That was a complete surprise.  I thought I’d get one of his “people”, but instead I got to talk to the guy himself.  He gave me some pointers on how to prepare for the cpa exam.  For example, he suggested that I spend at least 3 months studying each of REG and FAR and 2 months on BEC, since I’d be working full-time.  We must have spent a good half hour on the phone and in the end he said to call back anytime I had a question.  I was quite impressed – yet another reason for me to choose Yaeger.  After our phone call I went ahead and purchased the Yaeger Complete Homestudy Course.

Also, I sent a mass email to my co-workers asking if they or anybody they knew were also trying to pass the cpa exam and whether they wanted to study together.  I found 2 people who lived within a 15 minute drive from me and we’ve set up a tentative study schedule.  Although we’re all studying different sections (I’m starting with REG, and they’re studying AUD and FAR respectively), we should still able to figure out things together and give each other encouragement when the going gets tough, which is what I need more than anything at this point.

Lastly, I received my NTS some time ago and had the 3 cpa exams scheduled (keeping in mind the study timeline from Mr. Yaeger).  Here are the dates:

REG 5/23/2008

BEC 8/29/2008

FAR 11/18/2008

I know I’m not devoting a whole 3 months to REG like Dr. Yaeger I should, but I want to do the REG ASAP because that was the last section I took and I want to re-sit that exam before I forget everything.

The course is set – I just need to keep my head down, stay focused, and pass all three cpa exams in time for Christmas.

That would make this Christmas the best EVER!

Wish me lots of luck!


“Pass the CPA Exam” – My New Mantra

February 26th, 2008

Been a few days since I found out about failing REG with a 71.  I decided I needed to relax and stay depressed for a while.  Heck, I felt entitled to be depressed.  I wasn’t exactly a straight A student in college but I always got pretty decent marks.  Failing 3 cpa sections in just over half a year was a hard pill to swallow.

I regret having waited these few years after I graduated before going for cpa certification.  I’ve forgotten so much of the material that was covered in college, I basically had to relearn everything from scratch (at least it felt that way).  And I had to do this after a full day of work when my concentration is at its lowest.

OK, so I have some things working against me, but I’m dusting myself off and moving forward.  Nobody ever told me it was easy to pass the cpa exam, but lots of people have done it and never looked back, so why not me?

Days of failure and depression are over.  I’m going to apply to the cpa board sometime this week and take those 3 exams again ASAP so I won’t have to learn everything from scratch again.  My plan is to go for REG first this time around because it’s still fresh in my mind.  I’m also going to look into getting some help, such as finding a study partner or joining a study group.  I also need a good cpa review course (not becker – tried that already and a lot of good it did me).  Any recommendations?

For inspiration and encouragement, I’m reading other cpa exam blogs written by other cpa-hopefuls on a regular basis. I keep reminding myself that I’m not in this alone.

I printed out a bunch of labels that read “I WILL BECOME A CPA” and pasted it all over places where I could see them everday.  I even stuck one on the ceiling right above my bed so I could look at it first thing when I wake and last thing before I sleep.  This time around, I WILL pass the cpa exam, or DIE TRYING.

David Bryant, cpa hopeful,  is officially back in business!